Elisabete Garcia



Maths Teacher


Maths teacher with a broad range of expertise, from Functional Skills, GCSE and A Level teaching. Excellent levels of success, moving learners from a U to C and above (Previous grading system) within a 1 program.

I deliver in line with current changes ensuring that throughout, full assessments are carried out with comprehensive feedback. Identifying strengths and most important areas for improvement.


I started my teaching career as a Bilingual Teaching Assistant Early Years Foundation to KS3, and continued my professional career into Further Education. Building, therefore, a portfolio of teaching in all stages of life, for different goals in individuals life aspirations, whether it is academia, career progression and/or personal achievement and independence.


Aware of the current changes in the curriculum, I am up-to-date with the new 9-1 grades and support learners to master the skills to be ready for the new reforms.

Liaise with students/parents to help gain ownership of the learning journey through monitoring progress and continued feedback.


Current EDEXCEL GCSE Mathematics (9-1) examiner.


Maths & English



I taught Maths in Forest Bank Prison, Manchester from January to the end of May 2007 (Level 1, Entry 3 and Entry 2) as part of my PGCE Numeracy 14+ teacher training programme.


In my current role in Bury College, Manchester, I support students in GCSE Maths and GCSE English. I come highly recommended with commendable skills in planning effective teaching and learning strategies, classroom and behaviour management, ICT, excellent team spirit with a commitment to inclusiveness.



Maths and accounting teacher

I am committed and passionate current Maths lecturer with a previous career background as a professionally qualified Accountant with over twenty years of professional accounting and business experience, and making a significant contribution within finance functions. Currently, I teach in the Further Education sector and find most learners will have had some exposure to Maths Education and Business both positive and negative and at varying levels.


I, therefore, thrive on the challenge of, on the one hand changing mindsets and preconceptions of these subject areas and on the other hand introducing a whole new way of viewing Maths, Accounting and Business with its possibilities and relevance to the general world and economy. I have the ability to build confidence and self-esteem which also impacts learners outside of tutoring sessions as they will no longer see Maths , Accounting or Business as a subject area that is not for them, which in my experience is a common statement made by many.


I take personal pride in helping learners over mental hurdles. This I take great satisfaction from. 


Maths teacher

I am someone who is very enthusiastic about teaching and learning, I feel it helps an individual grow and become a better grounded person.


I am bilingual as I can speak, understand and translate from Urdu and Punjabi to English. Therefore, for ESOL learners in both those languages will be able to develop their English language, whilst also gaining numerical and problem-solving skills.


I am very creative, organised, professional and diligent about my work and always want individuals to exceed. I hope to make some difference.

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English Teacher

A passionate teacher with a student-centred approach to learning.


Teach across a variety of specifications; AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas.


Current Summer Examiner for AQA in GCSE English Language.


Extensive experience of Functional Skills Teaching at all levels (E1-L2).


English Tutor

Before undertaking my English Language and Literature degree at University of Central Lancashire, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for some years. Fulfilling this role enabled me to learn from experienced staff - delivering lesson plans, building and developing material, and precise teaching through individual learning plans. Along with the knowledge of my degree, I feel these have two experiences have provided me with a plethora of teacher qualities which I appreciate today.  

Since recently finishing my PGCE degree course, I have been working as an ‘Education for Academic Purpose’ (EAP) Tutor full time on an English pre-sessional course at Bolton University. This entailed building international students’ English language skills from IELTS level 5 to level 6+, enabling them to accept conditional offers and undertake their degree in the UK. This has been a very enjoyable experience, developing learning needs and undertaking all aspects of the teaching role.

Regarding A2i, I was very impressed with the professionalism and standard of the company and feel that this is an exciting platform which can offer an unrivalled convenience for both students and teachers alike. I believe that such platforms hold the future for education where students can obtain access to resources and assessments through simply using their tablets or smartphones. It also, naturally, provides a less intimidating setting than the classroom does, as students can fulfil their studies within the familiar surroundings of their home.

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Science Tutor

A recent graduate of Newcastle University where I studied Chemistry BSc and Clean Technology MSc. At Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, I obtained A-levels in Chemistry, Biology and Geography. Hence, I tutor AQA and Edexcel combined and triple GCSE sciences.

My successful academic track record has been underpinned by an organised and enthusiastic approach to learning which is one I hope to impart to tutees. As part of my tutoring strategy, I incorporate real-life science situations to make the theory more interesting and applicable.

I aim to make all sessions interactive by the use of past papers and teaching resources to guarantee that students are actively learning. Furthermore, I tailor sessions towards individual needs hence I ensure tutees are comfortable giving me feedback.




Spanish and French Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages teacher (Spanish and French) from Spain, with a British teaching qualification. Proven track record of helping students to achieve A and A* in Spanish GCSE examinations.


I work with a range of strategies to identify problem areas in the learner’s knowledge of the subject and address these according to the student’s needs.


The focus can be mainly on a particular language skill (i.e. speaking or writing), or an overall approach to improve every aspect of the language including grammar and vocabulary.


My teaching career spans over nearly two decades, having taught at private, and state schools preparing students for their GCSE and A-Level Spanish examinations. I am also an experienced private tutor for adults, GCSE, and A-Level Spanish.

My role as an examiner for Edexcel A Level Spanish and for Cambridge GCSE, allows me an extra insight into all current changes to the syllabus and papers of these qualifications.


Through this experience, I am also uniquely placed to know what the requirements are for best results.


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